Answers to Questions you may have about us:

 Farm land management in South Central Pennsylvania

      If you are looking for a long term farming or ag land management company in York County or the surrounding areas, you have come to the right website to find some answers.  Rexroth Farms is a growing farm operation because the management of the farm has realized that the land owner is the most valued asset in ag production.  All of the innovation, fertility, machinery etc. can't grow food, fiber or fuel without the most important resource - land.  Rexroth Farms treats the land and the land owner with the respect they are due.  It is absolutely imperative to keep as much productive ground in agriculture as is possible if farmers are to feed the growing world population and at the same time reduce our dependence on foreign energy suppliers.  We at Rexroth Farms realize that there has to be incentive for the landowners at present and future generations to own the ground and keep it in agricultural production as opposed to other possible uses.  We also believe that most communities value the rural setting and agricultural heritage of our area which continues in farms and land engaged in food, fiber and fuel production.  



 No Risk Return on the Ag Land Investment

      Attractive no-risk monetary compensation for the use of the land is a cornerstone to building a good relationship with our land partners but it is only one of many considerations to contemplate.  We firmly believe that paying an attractive rate to our land partners every year is critical to keeping the ground in production as opposed to other uses.  A long term arrangement of steadily increasing land lease payments over time is usually the most beneficial to both parties as the ag producer is given incentive to continue to make the ground more productive and the land owner benefits from the stability of having a guaranteed income from the ground irregardless of weather or market conditions.  One year leases typically are the worst arrangement for the long term fertility and soil structure as each competing producer tries to make a profit margin in his/her term without concern for the next lessee as the prior lessee did before him.  This leads to soil being "farmed out" where the agronomic value steadily decreases over time and therefore becomes less valuable to prospective farmers.  A solid, fair return while building the productive capacity of the soil is in the best interest of any long term land partner.



 Why it is so important to get top yields?

       Top management in soil science, machinery operations, seed technology, logisitics and marketing are crucial to maximizing the long term financial return of the farmland.  Rexroth Farms focuses on driving down costs per machine, per man, per bushel by increasing yields per acre and having a solid marketing approach that minimizes price risk so that our model for sustained growth continues.  We do not focus on "being cheap" with our land partners, our employees, our machinery suppliers or other input suppliers because our strength is in treating all of our business partners fairly so they enjoy cooperating with us.  We make solid returns by maximizing our strengths in working with the tools we have selected and are entrusted with from our various contributors.  We have developed a network of professionals that we constantly reference to sharpen our skills and make every action the most efficient and "on target".   Top yields bring maximum returns to our efforts and allow us to spread the bounty of the harvest with our land partners over time.



 Why keep the farmland as opposed to selling it for non ag development ?

        If it is a possible financial option to keep the family farm or land, the benefits of ownership often eclipse the seemingly attractive motives for selling.  The constant increase in land values in our area make the continued ownership of farm land very attractive even when measured against investments with considerably more risk.  An attractive, fair priced ag land lease maintains or increases the value of the property while minimizing or eliminating any maintenance costs.  The joys of ownership in having the ground, being able to call it your own are invaluable.  Quite often when a sale for development is considered, the price is attractive until all costs are factored in.  Capital gains tax alone can take quite a toll on the net sale price.  If keeping the farmland is an option, we at Rexroth Farms will do everything we can to make sure that the experience of ownership far outweighs the obligations. 


Is Ag Land Preservation an attractive option for your farm?

     In considering whether or not to preserve your family farm/ farmland the issue of compensation is often the primary topic or deciding factor.  Often the ability to leave a legacy is forgotten for the quick return of cash.  There was a time when Ag Land Preservation locally was easier because the State of Pennsylvania and many counties allocated generous sums of money to preserve the agricultural open land of many areas and provide the surrounding communities with the assurance that they would always be able to enjoy the open space, rural lifestyle and avoid some of the problems and expenses associated with rural residential development like : inadequate roads, schools, water, sewer etc.   The additional costs of these afforementioned services always make the cost of living in an area increase for its existing residents as well as the newcomers and everyone sees increases in property taxes, traffic delays and  less water supply per person.  Often the new rules, regulations associated with new goods and services requested by the newcomers are additionally expensive to the existing residents. 

     Today, Ag land preservation can still be accomplished through tax deductible donation of residential building rights to Ag Land Preservation Boards locally or nationally.  In effect, the payback is not as quick, but still there in income tax savings.  It can be spelled out very clearly in wills, trusts  and other estate related documents as long as great care is taken to make sure that everything is in order.  We at Rexroth Farms will do everything in our power to make sure that anyone who has committed their land to preservation will never regret the decision to do so.  The land will be an eternal testament to the forsight of its caretakers and always a source of no risk income to its owners.

Rexroth Farms has preserved 900 acres